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Neotropical Biology and Conservation 19(2) (2024)
Biodiversity research in Central America
Monika Lipińska, Maria Mercedes Lopez-Selva, José Monzón Sierra

Central America hosts about 5–12% of the world's biological diversity and is often referred to as a hyperdiversity hotspot in the Neotropical region. Amongst others, it is one of the top five most diverse regions for vascular plants. Because of its geographical placement, Mesoamerica is a key area for understanding both ecological and evolutionary processes to which tropical species are subjected. The dynamic landscape of Central America had a direct impact on the diversification and colonization of biota in the isthmus, thus creating new niches. Despite the region's potential for investigation, relatively little attention has been given in comparison to other Neotropical regions. This special issue aims to create a space to promote research conducted in this unique and diverse region and to give it the recognition it deserves.

All articles published in this special issue will be free of charge.

The submission deadline is 30 January 2024.

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