Vanilla karen-christianae from the Serranía de las Quinchas, Boyacá, Colombia. A. Habit B and C. Two separate flowers viewed from different perspectives D. Dissected perianth E. Lip and ovary lateral view F. surface of the central lobe of the labellum showing abundant trichomes G. Longitudinal dissection of the labellum, with the apex to the right, showing the retrorse position and form of the penicillate callus H. Individual combs of the penicillate callus I. Column, ventral and lateral view J. Fruit K. Anther cap and pollinia.

  Part of: Flanagan NS, Navia-Samboni A, González-Pérez EN, Mendieta-Matallana H (2022) Distribution and conservation of vanilla crop wild relatives: the value of local community engagement for biodiversity research. Neotropical Biology and Conservation 17(3): 205-227.