Aerial view and vegetation types of Punta Ballena. A: Aerial view of the natural area of Punta Ballena rocky point; B-C: rupicolous herblands and detail of the rocky substrate; D: mesophilic herblands associated with implanted Racosperma longifolium patches (in the background of the photo); E: hydrophilic herblands; F: halophilic grasslands; G: humid rocky shelters communities; H: native forest patches; I: Vegetation of disturbed areas on the access road (A-M. Bonifacino photo).

  Part of: Mai P, Zabaleta M, Cappuccio L, Pollero A, Marchesi E (2022) ´╗┐Vascular plants of Punta Ballena: dataset for conservation of an endangered hotspot from Uruguay. Neotropical Biology and Conservation 17(2): 163-195.