Results of the clustering analysis based on the CR sequence for pudu deer from southern Chile. A) Clusters observed for individuals from Cautín (CAU), Valdivia (VAL), Osorno (OSO), Llanquihue (LLA) and Chiloé Island (CHI) provinces and B) clusters recorded for individuals from the Andes range (AND), Central Valley (CEN) and Coastal range (COA). K values correspond to the optimal number of clusters according to the Caliński–Harabasz pseudo-F statistic.

  Part of: Colihueque N, Cabello J, Fuentes-Moliz A (2022) Genetic divergence and demography of pudu deer (Pudu puda) in five provinces of southern Chile, analyzed through latitudinal and longitudinal ranges. Neotropical Biology and Conservation 17(2): 117-142.