Different dogs injured as a result of jaguar attacks. Large-sized dog with an open wound of approximately 5 cm (A), multiple open wounds in the neck and near the scapula of a large-sized dog (B), fatal skull bite in a medium-sized dog (C), fatal wound in the thorax of a medium-sized dog (D), large-sized dog with an open wound of 15 cm (E), and multiple open wounds of a medium-sized dog (F).

  Part of: Carral-García M, Buenrostro I, Weissenberger H, Rosales V, Pérez-Flores J (2021) Dog predation by jaguars in a tourist town on the Mexican Caribbean. Neotropical Biology and Conservation 16(4): 461-474. https://doi.org/10.3897/neotropical.16.e68973