External morphology of Mindomys hammondi (MECN 6228; Reserva Drácula, Carchi, Ecuador): dorsal (A, C) and ventral (B, D) aspect of right fore foot (A, B) and hind foot (C, D); left ear in internal view (E); and rhinarium and upper lips in frontal view (F).

  Part of: Brito J, Tinoco N, Curay J, Pardiñas UFJ (2021) New morphological data on the rare sigmodontine Mindomys hammondi (Rodentia, Cricetidae), an arboreal oryzomyine from north-western Andean montane forests. Neotropical Biology and Conservation 16(3): 397-410. https://doi.org/10.3897/neotropical.16.e65875