Number of species recorded by occurrence locality and by Municipality in the Sinos River Basin, southern Brazil. The numbers in black circles (1 to 23) indicate the number of species per locality inside each Municipality (see Material and Methods for details). Green areas are conservation units: a) Fazenda Morro de Sapucaia Federal Private Reserve (RPPN), b) Imperatriz Leopoldina Municipal Natural Park (PNM), c) Area of Relevant Ecological Interest (ARIE) Henrique Luiz Roessler, d) Rancho Mira-Serra Federal RPPN, e) ARIE São Bernardo, f) Ronda PNM, g) São Francisco de Paula National Forest, h) Area of Environmental Protection (APA) of Riozinho, i) APA of Caraá and j) APA Morro de Osório.

  Part of: Moser CF, Farina RK, Borges-Martins M, Machado IF, Colombo P, Tozetti AM (2021) Amphibians of the Sinos River Basin, southern Brazil. Neotropical Biology and Conservation 16(3): 435-449.