Photomicrographs of Gauchergasilus euripedesi. A. Anterior end, lateral view, showing the body with pigments, antennule (al), antennae (at) and distal claw (white asterisks). B. Anterior end, lateral view, showing the antennae and the third endopodal segment (black arrow heads). C. Prosome and urosome, dorsal view, showing the pigmentation along the body, the swimming legs (sl), genital double-somite (g) and the egg sac (black asterisk). D. Posterior end, showing the genital double-somite (white asterisk) and egg sacs (es). Scale bars: 100 µm (A, B, C); 150 µm (D).

  Part of: Gallas M, Utz LRP (2021) Gauchergasilus euripedesi (Copepoda, Ergasilidae) parasitizing different species of fish from two environments in southern Brazil. Neotropical Biology and Conservation 16(2): 289-298.