Species rarefaction/extrapolation curves showing the sampling efficiency of scorpions collected at Pimenteira, Saco Road and the Pollinator Trail (Pernambuco, Brazil). Solid lines represent the species richness observed from the number of individuals collected in each site, while the dashed line is a prediction (extrapolation) of the species richness if the sampling effort were multiplied by two. Grey shades around the estimated sampling curves correspond to their 95% confidence interval.

  Part of: Foerster SÍA, de Araújo Lira AF, de Almeida CG (2020) Vegetation structure as the main source of variability in scorpion assemblages at small spatial scales and further considerations for the conservation of Caatinga landscapes. Neotropical Biology and Conservation 15(4): 533-550. https://doi.org/10.3897/neotropical.15.e59000