Records of a wounded Mountain tapir produced presumably by Andean bear at the Puracé National Natural Park, Colombia on 27 July 2020. A General view of the individual, B wound located in the right flank on the anterior part of the back, C wound located on the right rump region, D scratch located on the left thigh region. Photographs: Gustavo Adolfo Pisso-Florez.

  Part of: Pisso-Florez GA, Gómez-Lora I, Vela-Vargas IM, Pizo H, Bedoya Dorado I, Ramírez-Chaves HE (2021) What’s on the menu? A presumed attack of Andean bear on a Mountain tapir at the Puracé National Natural Park, Colombia. Neotropical Biology and Conservation 16(1): 19-25.