Records of V. thyone from Honduras. Georeferenced records are represented by symbols in the map. The red star represents the site at which the voucher specimen was collected. Records lacking coordinates are represented by the municipalities referenced in each record. Considering that the records of Lancetilla from 1969–1991 lack coordinates, the locality of Lancetilla Botanical Garden in 2016 is provided as a reference in the map.

  Part of: Ordoñez-Mazier DI, Ávila-Palma HD, Soler-Orellana JA, Ordoñez-Trejo EJ, Martínez M, Turcios-Casco MA (2020) Rediscovery of Vampyressa thyone (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae) in Honduras: updated distribution and notes on its conservation. Neotropical Biology and Conservation 15(3): 379-390.