Geographic location (A) and aerial image of the border of the Rio ParanaĆ­ba plateau (B), Minas Gerais, south-eastern Brazil (image: Google Earth, 2019). The Rupestrian Savannah fragments have soils with ferruginous concretions (canga) and can be found in the form of continuous crust (C) or in blocks (D). The grey outline on the map represents the state of Minas Gerais and the star is the location of the municipality of Rio ParanaĆ­ba.

  Part of: Pereira CC, Santos Soares FF, Fonseca RS, Henriques NR, Arruda DM (2019) Ferruginous Rupestrian Savannah: a floristic and structural analysis of these rare environments. Neotropical Biology and Conservation 14(4): 381-397.