Observed species richness (left figure) and relative abundance through Punctual Abundance Index – PAI (right figure) of species belonging to each usual habitat of occurrence (light gray) and foraging guild (dark gray) in sugarcane and pasture bird survey plots. Abbreviations following the top-down order of appearance in the figure: NF-A – species able to occur in non-forest and aquatic habitat, F-A – species able to occur in forest and aquatic habitats, A – aquatic, F – forest, F-NF – species able to occur in forest and non-forest habitats, NF – non-forest; HER – herbivorous, SCA - scavengers, PIS - piscivorous, NEC - nectarivous, FRU – frugivorous, CAR - carnivorous, GRA - granivorous, OMN -omnivores, INS – insectivorous.

  Part of: Alexandrino ER, Buechley ER, Forte YA, Cassiano CC, Ferraz KMPMB, Ferraz SFB, Couto HTZ, Sekercioglu CH (2019) Highly disparate bird assemblages in sugarcane and pastures: implications for bird conservation in agricultural landscapes. Neotropical Biology and Conservation 14(2): 169-194. https://doi.org/10.3897/neotropical.14.e37602