Lateral view of Heptapterus mustelinus from the coastal streams of the Mampituba River A leucistic individual in life (54.74 mm SL), UNICTIO 2396 B leucistic individual fixed (112.8mm SL), UNICTIO 2035-2 C Individual with regular pattern color (87.7 mm SL), UNICTIO 2395-9.

  Part of: Ferraz M, Schulz UH, Santos de Lucena CA, Lehmann A. P (2023) A case of leucosis in Heptapterus mustelinus (Siluriformes, Heptapteridae) among populations of streams in southern Brazil. Has leucosis in Heptapterus mustelinus an adaptive value in shaded streams? In: Boll P, Lehmann A. P, Allgayer H, Krüger L (Eds) Diversity and Wildlife Management: The legacy of PPG Biologia Unisinos. Neotropical Biology and Conservation 18(3): 177-189.