Suitable areas for the occurrence of T. b. brasiliensis in South America A “warmer” colors (yellow to red) indicate higher suitability of subspecies occurrence B binary map - red color indicates presence locations of subspecies. Black dots are localities of occurrence.

  Part of: Amaral IS, Bandeira Pereira J, Vancine MH, Morales AE, Althoff SL, Gregorin R, Pereira MJR, Valiati VH, Rosa de Oliveira L (2023) Where do they live? Predictive geographic distribution of Tadarida brasiliensis brasiliensis (Chiroptera, Molossidae) in South America. In: Boll P, Lehmann A. P, Allgayer H, Krüger L (Eds) Diversity and Wildlife Management: The legacy of PPG Biologia Unisinos. Neotropical Biology and Conservation 18(3): 139-156.